Dandy Rolls India

Wire Cloths & Spare Covers

Dandy Rolls India manufactures metal wire mesh from 10 to 100 mesh in SS316L for cylinder moulds, short former, extractor mould, pulp mill application and filters. We also manufacture 35,50,60,80 Mesh in P.B. for water mark dandy roll and embosed dandy.

  • 10 mesh is used as bottom cover (usually in dandy rolls above 800mm)        and is generally supplied in SS-316L.
  • 35 mesh covers are supplied in SS or PB. They are either mounted on the        dandy roll on request or supplied as spare covers.
  • Watermarks can be fixed on 35 mesh covers on the dandy roll at our        premises.
  • We also supply watermarked spare covers to fix on the dandy roll at the client's site.

In addition to the above, Dandy Rolls India can supply PB & SS wire cloths or covers for cylinder moulds, thickeners & washing drums in meshs as per clients' requests.

Wire Clothes & Spare Cover Wire Clothes & Spare Cover