Dandy Rolls India

Watermarks & Shadow Watermarks

Watermarks are impressions left on the running sheet of wet paper due to displacement of fibres by the electrotypes or embossed logos fixed on the dandy roll. Dandy Rolls India has pioneered watermarking technology in India. We are proud to note that every member of our watermarking department is a craftsperson who fully understands the nuances of paper making and designs the watermark in consultation with paper makers according to their customized requirements. Care is taken to meet the needs of different machine speeds, different stock conditions and different GSM of paper.

The body construction is similar to Plain wove Dandy. Instead of plain wove cover of 35 mesh, a pre-calculated length of open ended cover to suit the exact circumference of the Dandy Roll in 45 or 50 mesh is embossed with marks specially designed and developed as required for the paper mills. This cover is tightly mounted on the body of the Dandy roll and the ends are joined by brazing. This roll is generally used on slow speed machines to produce embossed marks or shadow marks on higher gsm paper. All the above Dandy Rolls such as Plain wove, Chain Laid and Plate Laid Dandy Rolls except Embossed cover Dandy Roll, can be fixed with electrotype marks as per the design of the paper mills.

Watermarks Watermarks Watermarks