Dandy Rolls India



Our products include:

  • Dandy Rolls: Plane Wove and Plate Laid.
  • Modern Bracket Systems.
  • Showers and Cleaning Systems.
  • Watermarks and Shadow Watermark.
  • Diagonally Seamed Covers and Wire Cloths in PB & SS-316L
  • Cylinder Moulds and covers.
  • Dandy Roll Vaccum Suction Boxes.
  • Combi Rolls.

We offer on-site service for Dandy Roll erection and commissioning, watermark fixing and technical consulting.

Precision is the cornerstone of the performance of a dandy roll. Our dandy rolls exemplify the following:

  • High degree of circularity and linear truth to maintain an even pressure across the sheet.
  • Reduced fiber buildup and body ring marking through a sophisticated helical design.
  • Heavier and more substantial rolls to increase torque resistance which maintains their original profile under       arduous conditions.
  • Improved drainage to optimize the performance of continuous cleaning equipment .